Manage Services

From IT outsourcing and selective IT management to traditional IT support we can help you find smarter ways to manage your infrastructure, applications and users that reduces your costs and delivers the reliability and performance you need.
Day to day system management of any infrastructure can be time consuming, that’s why customers often ask us to manage their systems on their behalf once they’re installed. This cost effective approach allows them to focus their in-house skills on strategic developments and improves system availability:

  • Access to technical experts skills
  • 24 x 7 system monitoring
  • Priority escalation direct to Vendor
  • On-going performance checks and built in technology refreshes

Business Prosess Management

Dipantara offers optimized productivity and enhanced performance for managing business processes. Our comprehensive business process management services cater to enterprises across industries to process detection, documentation, integration, and automation to accelerate product development. Our all-encompassing services include:

  • SOA and integration services: We help our clients define and deploy service-oriented architecture strategies, governance and operating models.
  • Business process management services: We help migrate legacy applications and platforms to BPM-based smart applications and service-oriented integration platforms.
  • Business rules consultation and implementation: We provide consultation and implementation on policy controls and internal processes to meet compliance demands.
  • Enterprise process analytics: We offer real-time visibility into management systems to predict outcomes and take preventive actions.
  • Cloud integration: Our engineers plan and implement SaaS-solutions for cloud integration.

Dipantara works with organizations in various sectors such as Insurance Company, Government, Supply Chain, and Information Technology (IT) Service Company; improve productivity, cost effectiveness of customers, and operational efficiency by adopting tools and process automation frameworks.

Data Management

Data management experts at Dipantara research IT drivers, chart out existing and planned projects to business issues, and prioritize short and long-term goals. We do a deep dive in your IT infrastructure to design the best strategies that integrate data and business processes with new technologies. Dipantara experts develop detailed roadmaps to analyze technical methods, prioritize recommendations, and propose service-specific solutions. Our data management solutions include:

  • Data management: Evaluating existing data management processes to develop best practices for handling data inside and outside your organization.
  • Data quality management: Creating tools and processes to assess, manage, control and improve the accuracy, validity, and quality of data across enterprise.
  • Data architecture valuation: Analyzing the existing data environment and developing guidelines that address operational data stores, data warehouse and data mart implementations.
  • Data integration: Analyzing and developing guidelines on data collection and how it is transformed and stored.
  • Data security: Analyzing existing data security processes and developing best practices to improve data content protection and security during transmission

Remote Infrastructure Management

Maintaining a strong infrastructure team may be challenging when your focus is on delivering new business value—responding to changes, both technological and regulatory; and managing operational costs. Our Infrastructure Management teams work 24x7x365 to maintain your IT infrastructure. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) proactively monitors and maintains your systems and servers’ health and application hosted on it, ensuring high service uptime. We provide a spectrum of solutions based on your changing needs meeting stringent SLAs for your business goals.

Our capabilities include:

Network Operations Center: IT infrastructure is the backbone of business and keeping the infra up and running is very important. Monitoring the infrastructure is the first level where the incidents can be stopped and the impact can be avoided.

With our dedicated NOC setup and experienced professionals we ensure that the infrastructure is monitored 24 hours 365 days. Our team of experienced professionals ensure that the server health is always green and there is no degradation of services. This is achieved by continuous monitoring and integration of the right tools and processes. Our team identifies the issues and acts on it even before it gets triggered. Dinamika offerings include:

  • Dedicated NOC setup
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Dedicated incident managers
  • Integration of right tools in environment
  • Process setup and improvements
  • Technical documentation
  • 24×7 resource availability
  • End-to-end ownership of incidents

Data Center Management:

With our expertise and highly skilled professionals we provide end-to-end data center management. Be it in premise or cloud, we ensure that all the incidents and requests are addressed rightly within the stipulated time. With our stringent SLAs in place we ensure the highest quality standards. Our services include:

Data center design and architecture: We provide assistance for improving the existing infrastructure or even if the need is to migrate or build it from scratch. Our team of architects and Center of Excellence have experienced architects who will take care of all your needs right from building the infrastructure to optimization.

Server administration: With our stringent SLAs and experienced and certified professionals we ensure the infrastructure is always up and running with 99.999% uptime. Our dedicated team provides round the clock support to the infrastructure and owns the tickets/incidents to closure. We provide:

  • Windows administration
  • UNIX administration
  • Security and patch management
  • Application support
  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • Vendor coordination
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Cost optimization

Network administration: Network is an important aspect in infrastructure. A smallest dip can cause huge impact. With our experience and certified professionals, we ensure the network is always up and the services are not degraded. We provide both voice network as well as data network solutions.

Cloud administration and DevOps:

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google cloud
  • Cost optimization
  • Infrastructure scaling
  • Managing cloud services
  • Automation
  • Right tools integration
  • Deployment and migration
  • Release management

Storage & back up administration

  • Setup and storage provisioning
  • Manage and monitor storage activities
  • Back up management

Database Administration