Outsourcing Services

Successfully managing a complex IT infrastructure means making sure that you always have the right skills and expertise to hand. Achieving this requires on-going investments in people, training and recruitment. It means you have to stay up to date with the latest industry best practices and technology developments – in short, you need to become IT experts.

For some of our customers, trying to become IT experts takes them away from their core business focus, so they’ve asked us to manage their entire IT on their behalf. We simply act as their virtual IT team providing telephone and desk-side support to their end-users; managing their servers, networks and applications; ensuring their systems are secure and implementing transformational projects to keep them up to date and address their changing business needs. They benefit from:

  • Reduced costs – our economies of scale and advanced management systems enable us to reduce the overall cost of IT management and remove recruitment, training and retention costs
  • Increased availability & reduced risk – with 24×7 monitoring and controlled processes, we increase system security, reliability and availability
  • Greater business agility – customers can quickly scale up or down their virtual IT team in line with their business needs, helping them to stay ahead of the competition