Warranty Management Services

Dipantara is a company agnostic, full-service, warranty management service provider in the field of IT,  Security Surveillance, Home Automation, and other areas. Our ability to adapt and assimilate new technologies, new products, and new processes – for over two decades, has made us the trusted partner of choice in after-sales services. We are devoted to continuous solution innovation, flexibility, and service quality.

We successfully manage forward and reverse logistics, including import and re-export of spares – to meet stringent SLAs given by various product vendors to their customers. Our service offerings to enhance customer experience throughout the product lifecycle includes – test and repair, service management, and end-to-end warranty management.

Customized CRM Software Solution

Warranty Management System (WMS) is an integrated system developed by Dipantara, to manage its entire RMA business process with a configurable service network and process models (such as repair, replacement, repair/replacement, recycle repair, and credit refund, etc.) for multiple principal vendors – right from call registration to the delivery stage. We ensure that our customized CRM software solution will meet all the requirements of our customers, by offering the highest level of services with 100% customer satisfaction.

Extended Warranty Program

Dipantara provides warranty extension packages for IT Products. Extended warranty is a prolonged warranty offered to consumers, in addition to the standard warranty on new items. Extended warranties cost extra percentage of the item’s retail price.

Occasionally, some extended warranties that are purchased for multiple years state in writing, the consumer must still deal with the manufacturer in the occurrence of malfunction- during the first year. Thus, what is often promoted as a two-year extended guarantee, for example, is actually only a one-year guarantee. But, Dipantara extended warranty program is totally different.

Inspirisys extended warranty may be offered by the warranty administrator, the retailer, or the manufacturer – with following features:

Extends Manufacturer’s warranty

  • Provide Repair / Replacement Service
  • Good Life coverage for your products, which will save your money and time
  • Enjoy company standard service with genuine spare parts